Monday, November 5, 2012

Yellow Mellow- I wish that

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Open my eyes and see the sun
I'm late oh shit I gotta run again

I cross the street the light's not green
I almost get hit by the police again

There's this man oh he's going so slow
I should end his life

But I can't turns out that doing that
it's against the law

I wish that I was more
like Ezio

I forgot that I had
some cheerios

I threw them at that man's big head
I passed him by but tipped and fell again

That must be karma coming round
It had enough just going round again

I get up random hand helps me out
Oh my god it's him

That one man who received my attack
give his hand to me

Sol - La7 - Re

I wish that I was more
like Spiderman

I forgot that I had

That guy invites me to a coffee and I say oh what the hell
It's free!

We have so many things in common It's like we have know each other

I wish that I was more
like Buzz Lightyear

I forgot that I had
no place in here

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